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Keeping your freight right on track

Bringing together experience and quality

Safety is top priority when shipping chemical and mineral oil products.

Whether temperature-sensitive, gaseous or corrosive, the freight we ship is extremely diverse. But it does have one thing in common: a high level of safety and reliability is required for its transport. The measures that must be adopted for each type of freight are varied and distinct, however. Our specialists solve these types of logistical challenges on a daily basis.

They are just as familiar with the freight transported as they are with the possibilities of modern logistics. Thanks to their experience and expertise, they can develop integrated logistical solutions and cost-effective transport concepts for the widest variety of freight and transport tasks.

Safety and quality are priority number one. We not only follow the regulations on transporting hazardous materials, all transports are monitored continuously from start to finish and the processes are documented and refined on an ongoing basis within the framework of our quality management system. Our processes are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

and assessed according to SQAS.

As a member of ECTA we ratified the Responsible Care initiative and are committed to the continuous improvement of environmental and health protection, quality and efficiency in transporting chemical products. We also offer customers advice on load securing and provide extensive information on technical regulations.

We invest continuously in our equipment, helping ensure safe and smooth operations. Ensuring our employees receive technical training and further education is also one of our top priorities.

Just in case …

If, despite all of our safety measures, disruptions do occur along the transport chain, our nationwide emergency management service reacts immediately to keep damage and loss to an absolute minimum. Our emergency management team is available around the clock. Our employees are closely connected to network operators and coordinate necessary measures immediately.

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Last modified: 31.05.2012

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