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Environmentally friendly transport of agricultural products

In agricultural logistics, the maintenance of quality standards and food safety are top priorities for us. DB Cargo BTT and DB Cargo offer comprehensive services which take your special requirements into account in the widest possible way.

We organize domestic and international transportation of grain, sugar, feedstuff and oilseed. Block trains take these agricultural products from the warehouses to the seaports, mills and processing plants – over long distances and in the shortest possible time. The transport is operated by DB Cargo.

With suitable carrying capacities, clearly defined schedules and innovative logistics concepts, we are your powerful partner to the industry. Our agricultural logistics services open up new possibilities for you, with supplementary services to meet your requirements – like warehousing, quality control, packaging or transport by ship.

Guaranteed and certified safety for shipments of food- and feedstuff

Our freight car fleet includes a large number of vehicles that have been specially developed to meet the requirements of our customers and their sensitive goods. We specially monitor shipments involving our covered bulk freight cars, which have a special inner lining for the protection of foodstuff, to guarantee the safety of food- and feedstuff at any time.

In addition, DBCargo is certified in accordance with HACCP and possesses a declaration of conformity under GMP B 4.5. So as well as adhering to the EU regulations for ensuring food safety and consumers’ interests, DB Cargo is setting further standards of quality for the transport of agricultural products by rail.

Future-oriented concepts for regenerative raw materials

Another business area is the market for the production of biofuels. We support you along the entire process chain – from infrastructure planning to supply manufacturing plants with the raw materials for the production. We are your partner of choice if you wish to plan and construct a siding of your own. If required, our highly professional staff can also take on responsibility for further services, such as plant logistics and on-site shunting operations.

Last modified: 06.04.2016

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