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Reliable transport solutions

The clean and safe way to supply Europe

Petroleum – is there another substance as valuable and vital for the economy and private households as “black gold”. Mobility and heating depend on it, resulting in enormous demand on supplies.

In Germany, 14 refineries process up to 118 million metric tons of petroleum into mineral oil products such as gasoline, diesel, heating oil and kerosene, making Germany the largest refining country. Mineral oil products travel by pipeline, inland vessel, train and tank cars from the refinery to tank storage facilties and then on to consumers.

This presents an enormous logistical challenge. No mode of transportation can handle this task on its own. Integrated concepts and intelligent solutions are an absolute must. DB Cargo BTT GmbH plays the lead role as a safe, environmentally friendly, economical and efficient partner that focuses on rail transports.

Last modified: 06.04.2016

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