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Dedicated products

Our industry-specific solutions get you further

Added value for you: DB Cargo BTT’s dedicated products are combinations of one or more basic products with matching individual modules and specific additional logistics services.


DBchem-solution is the first entirely industry-specific transport system. It carries time-sensitive single car transports to connect production and processing sites in the chemical industry throughout Europe.

Safety, reliability and speed are especially important to us. We optimize travel times and monitor transports using our professional transport management system. This allows us to increase the punctuality of our connections, on many routes over night.

DBchem-solution gives you the greatest possible ordering flexibility. You can place your order up to two hours before pickup, there is no minimum quantity and no reservations are required. You can plan reliably thanks to our clear-cut standard travel times for all national and international connections.

Our industry-specific service team is available around the clock. We offer you integrated logistics concepts to deliver your freight to its destination safely, on time and at a reasonable price.

The DBchem-solution network includes Germany as well as the neighboring European countries of the Netherlands and Belgium with ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp. Further expansion on the national and international level – in Denmark, Poland, Austria and Switzerland – is planned or already under way. We are also further internationalizing through the Xrail alliance. Seven European rail freight companies, including DB Cargo, have agreed to cooperate more closely in cross-border single wagon transport. The Xrail network currently includes markets in Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and parts of Austria.

BTT: DBchem-solution

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DB Cargo BTT GmbH
Jan Elfenhorst
Vice President Sales Chemicals
Rheinstraße 2 a
55116 Mainz

Phone: +49 6131 15-73100

Fax: +49 6131 15-73200


This industry-specific block train product is tailored specifically to the requirements of the mineral oil sector and is offered on select routes within Germany. It can be extended to international routes as needed.

DBoil-solution combines the advantages of our DBplantrain and DBflextrain, providing you maximum flexibility and high transport quality along with a competitive pricing concept with no minimum volume requirements.

Customers have the option of ordering a train up to 36 hours before departure. And orders can be canceled free of charge up to 36 hours before a planned departure.

Our Mineral Oil team at the Duisburg Customer Service Center provides professional round-the-clock support for DBoil-solution transports. Our employees have extensive industry expertise. The Mineral Oil team is your contact for coordinating and booking transports and ensures top transport quality through continuous monitoring from the order to train arrival.

Included and optional service components

DBoil-solution offers comprehensive safety management for hazardous materials and proactive customer information. If transports are delayed, due to construction sites set up on short notice for example, customers are informed immediately and appropriate measures are implemented.

DBoil-solution also offers optional service components for efficient supply chain management, such as plant logistics and daily transport status information on the location of mineral oil trains.

Supply control of all mineral oil trains to the tank storage facility is also offered, including for mineral oil trains of other rail companies if desired.

DB Cargo BTT GmbH
Gabriele Jansen-Krekels
Vice President Sales Mineral Oil
Rheinstraße 2a
55116 Mainz

Phone: +49 6131 15-73112

Fax: +49 6131 15-61379

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