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Tank containers

The right equipment for every product

Here you can find detailled information about the different kinds of equipment.

Series 221 tank container

Temperature-controlled transport of chemical products

Suitable for chemical products that require heating or temperature control during their unaccompanied transport. Solar generators are used to recharge the onboard-batteries.

Compared to conventional heating systems, the new technology is much more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

Technical data:

General details
Dimensions6058 x 2591 x 2438 mm
Capacity21,000 litres
Tare weight3.950 kg
Total gross weight36.000 kg
Payload32.050 kg
Dischargebottom emptying; standard 3” BSP
Nominal thermal outputgas and electric heating 8.5 KW
Temperature regulationfrom 15 °C to 95 °C
Regulating accuracy± 1 °C
Voltage220 + 24 V
Gas tank85 litres
Heating surfaceentire tank casing
Power consumption
Batteries2 x 135Ah dry-cell batteries
Means of recharging8 solar cells; 220V electrical connection

Series 224 tank container

For standardised bulk chemicals products

DB Cargo BTT’s Series 224 tank containers are used for standardised bulk chemicals. They are intermodal transport units that can be fitted with one of several available types of heating systems.

Technical data:

General details
Dimensions6058 x 2591 x 2438 mm
Capacity24,000 litres
Tare weight3.800 kg
Total gross weight34.000 kg
DischargeDN 80 bottom discharge; butterfly valve and 3” BSP
HeatingSteam heating
Service temperatureUp to +120 °C
Heating surface7.5 to 10 m2
Insulation50mm glass wool
ApprovalsADR, RID, IMDG, US-DOT, CSC, CTC, AAR 600
Special fitments

  • Compressed-air connection with 1” Lüdecke coupling DN 50 butterfly valve
  • 1 Fort Vale Super Maxi Highflow safety valve
  • DN 80 back-up flange (blank-flanged) preparation for top emptying
  • DN 50 back-up flange (blank-flanged)

Series 350 silo container

Suitable for dry bulk and pourable products

DB Cargo BTT’s Series 350 silo container is suitable for dry bulk and pourable products such as granulate and powder. Unloading is possible with the aid of tipper chassis and a compressor.

Technical Data:

General details
Dimensions9.125 x 2.550 x 2.670 mm
Capacity50,000 litres
Tare weight3.300 kg
Total gross weight34.000 kg
Payload30.700 kg
DischargeElectropolished stainless steel loosening dish with stainless steel nozzle
AcceptancesCSC, UIC, TIR
TankTrunk-shaped aluminium pressure tank (AlMG 4.5 Mn)
Working pressure1,5 bar
Special fitments

  • collapsible railings

Bag-in-the-box container

Insertable foil liners for dry bulk and pourable products

This container is used for dry bulk and pourable products such as granulates and powder. Goods are filled into insertable foil liners. Unloading is performed using a tipper chassis and a cellular wheel sluice.

Technical data:

General details
Dimensions9.125 x 2.750 x 2.550 mm
Capacity56 cbm
Tare weight3.000 kg
Total gross weight36.000 kg
Payload33.000 kg
DischargeChute trap door
Special fitments

  • Collapsible railings
  • Acceptances: CSC,TIR, UIC

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