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Chemicals by rail

Our industry-specific solutions get you further

Where large quantities and long distances are concerned, rail is your safest bet as a mode of transportation. Safety is top priority when shipping hazardous materials and chemical products.

DB Cargo BTT GmbH is your full-service logistics provider for transporting chemical products by block train, single car and car group. We cover the full range of logistics services from providing loading and unloading to marshaling and transport.

Since some of the substances we transport are flammable or explosive, we employ only specially trained and qualified professionals and use equipment that is designed to meet these special requirements.

Shipping hazardous materials safely requires expertise and experience. Safety is our top priority. And our professional emergency management system means we’re always ready, just in case.

The services we offer our customers range far beyond rail transport alone. We also offer call-off procedures, proactive order correction and transport monitoring.

Integrated project management is more than just a slogan at DB Cargo BTT GmbH; it’s a matter of course. We work together with customers to develop transport solutions optimized according to their needs – and do so throughout Europe.

When it comes to transporting chemical products, we are able to meet the needs of all of our customers thanks to our three basic wagonload products Plan-, Vario- and Flextrain and our special industry-specific product DBchem-solution for single car transport.

Last modified: 06.04.2016

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