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Wagonload transport

Dedicated logistics solutions for fertilizers

Our experts have joined forces with companies from the fertilizer sector to develop customised transport solutions that guarantee highest levels of performance.

Fertilizer is a bulk product subject to seasonal demand.  sells fertilizers not only to the rest of  but worldwide. This entails setting up suitable transport chains. Forming part of such a transport chain is the transport of fertilizers by rail in specially designed wagons. The fleet in place for this purpose comprises of some 5,000 wagons. These wagons ensure constant purity of your products.

We carry around 8 million tonnes of fertiliser per year by rail – the equivalent of 6,153 block trains.

Our service for the customer extends far beyond rail transport. We provide services such as call-off procedures, proactive order correction and shipment monitoring. Holistic project management is no mere slogan with us but implicit in our actions. In cooperation with our customers, we devise transport solutions that are ideally tailored to any given requirements – and we do so across

Apart from fertilizers, we also ship salt (mainly in winter). The main challenge is to ensure that the salt is collected from the mines and distributed on time nation-wide.

Last modified: 06.04.2016

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