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Wagonload transport

Mineral oil by rail – the clean and safe way to supply Europe

Germany consumed 110 million metric tons of mineral oil products in 2009.

DB Cargo BTT GmbH is your full-service logistics provider for mineral oil transports by block train, single car and car group. We cover the full range of logistics services from providing suitable tank cars and loading and unloading cars to marshaling and transport. We employ qualified experts, who receive special training in handling hazardous materials. We also use equipment that meets the special requirements of the mineral oil industry.

In 2009, DB Cargo Deutschland transported around 16 million metric tons of mineral oil and mineral oil products – 11 million metric tons within Germany alone – in some 12,000 trains and 280,000 cars. Our established client base includes SMEs and mineral oil dealers in addition to the major mineral oil corporations. The majority of transports travel between Bavaria’s Chemical Triangle and the Leuna and Schwedt refineries and to approximately 100 tank storage facilities and industrial sites in Europe.

We also transport liquefied petroleum gas for the ever growing market for bioenergy fuels.

The three base products DBplantrain, DBvariotrain and DBflextrain and the DBoil-solution sector-specific product, which meet the different requirements of our customers, are available for transporting mineral oil and mineral oil products.

Last modified: 06.04.2016

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