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Maintenance and repair management

Increasing equipment availability and reliability

For your RTCs, we handle all tasks connected with inspection and repair procedures in coordination with RTC leasing companies, workshops and rail companies. We boost the efficiency of your RTCs by employing mobile workshop services.

Within the context of maintenance and repair management and repair processing, DB Cargo BTT GmbH coordinates all tasks and communication processes. This includes dispatching damaged RTCs to the workshop, dispatching repaired cars, monitoring repair work and communicating with keepers and workshops. We process reported damage for you and provide you with proactive information. This ensures that you are always informed about the status of your cars.

We use mobile workshop services for minor damage to your cars and for repairs at your plant site. We select the right service providers and organize on-site repairs for you promptly. Unlike with much more time-consuming repairs in the workshop, your cars are ready to go again in just a short time.

There is no need for you to worry about your cars being ready for inspection on time – DB Cargo BTT GmbH organizes the entire planning, preparation and inspection process for you. Inspection dates and deadlines are monitored, and systematic planning of inspection dates optimizes your car availability.

We also offer preventive maintenance programs that go well beyond standard car inspection. This ensures that cars are operable and in good working order. DB Cargo BTT organizes the entire process from hiring service providers to coordinating with keepers, customers and other interfaces. This greatly reduces the number of trips to the workshop and car downtimes.

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Last modified: 05.04.2016

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