Finding the way means knowing the destination

As part of DB and in accordance to our further developed strategy DB 2020+ we have set ourselves the ambitious objective of bringing the economic, social and environmental dimensions into harmony – focusing on quality and our customers.

Being fit for the future means always keeping an eye on sustainability. As a logistics company, we at DB Cargo BTT are especially aware of our responsibilities. For us, sustainability is about more than the environment. We know that our staff and customers are our greatest assets. That is why we want to lead the field as a profitable quality leader, top employer and pioneer.
Find out more about our commitment to the three development areas:

Quality is the key to customers and thus to economic success. The objective of becoming a profitable quality leader, which has now been enhanced as part of DB2020+, focuses on quality and the financial stability of our company. Our solutions are always tailor-made, never off the rack. We are only satisfied when you are. We are relying on three related aspects to improve quality:

  • Establishment of a culture of quality
  • Digital expertise
  • Increasing performance and output

As a European company, we offer our team international career opportunities and the freedom to work independently within a shared identity and culture. The safe and attractive working environment we provide our staff is important to us, and we want to keep it that way. We therefore promote tolerance and a positive work-life balance throughout the company.

Protecting the environment is our top priority. Our focus is on further expanding rail freight and increasing social awareness of it. We are using new technology and a wealth of programs and training courses to set green benchmarks for increased eco-efficiency and an optimal environmental balance.