In sync with the network

Our capacity checked network concept is laying the foundations for the future of rail operations in Germany. The aim is to fill spare capacity in rail freight transport, create new potential and improve the availability of all our services.

A crucial question has occupied us since our company was founded: How can we make our order handling ever faster and more straightforward without sacrificing the quality of our customer service? With the introduction of capacity checking across the network, we have found our solution. The new approach involves treating our network as a key resource and checking availability in the system before dispatch. This means we can guarantee optimal capacity utilization and offer our customers faster transport.

We have introduced a variety of order handling processes to make things run as smoothly as possible. A straightforward planning process linking the sales and operational departments with the customer is key. We work with you to identify regular traffic and seasonal fluctuations, which we then use as the basis for planning.

The advantages for you:

  • Improved wagon availability
  • Greater guarantees in planning and operation of transport
  • Reliable transport times
  • Convenient booking through our RSO portal or an EDI interface
  • Market-oriented services