Safety first

Transporting sensitive goods requires special care. As a logistics company for mineral oil, chemicals and fertilizer, safety is our number-one priority.

Safety first: more than just a catchphrase. Handling hazardous materials responsibly is at the heart of everything we do. We stop at nothing to minimize the risk of accidents, damage to the environment and potential disruption to residents in the regions affected.
We continuously monitor all our transport services from end to end and document and enhance our processes using a quality management system.

  • Stringent safeguards are in place throughout the entire supply chain
  • Our international safety culture goes beyond statutory regulations
  • We foster a culture of safety and have a proven system of safety management
  • Our emergency teams are available around the clock and form a well-integrated safety network
  • We advise our customers on securing loads and provide information on technical standards

In the event that disruption occurs despite all our safety precautions, our comprehensive emergency management teams intervene immediately to minimize damage. The emergency teams are available around the clock.

Transparency is our watchword when it comes to the issue of safety. This led us to initiate the Rail Safety Days events. The most recent event was in spring 2016, which saw representatives from the chemical industry and the authorities, safety staff and infrastructure operators get together with DB Cargo in the Netherlands at one of our customer's sites. Our three-day program trained participants in safety, avoiding hazards and ways to deal with incidents along the entire transport chain. A convention at the start of the event provided the perfect platform to share information.

We also offer all our customers the opportunity to take part in their own dedicated safety meetings where we address their specific safety needs one to one.

Nobody can guarantee 100% safety. But we at DB Cargo BTT are doing everything to come as close to it as possible. Our certificates bear this out.

True to our motto, "always make tomorrow better than today," our department is developing best practice standards for operational excellence, such as our international key performance indicator "SHE" (Safety-Health-Environment). Standardized reporting and an understanding of goods and measurements are essential to making transport safer using the SHE standards.