Management team in a meeting

Our management team

Our managers create space for creativity and ideas as well as a framework for quality and market orientation.

Jens Nöldner – Chief Executive Officer

"We're a company with tradition and yet we've remained young. This is reflected in our extensive experience in chemical and mineral oil logistics combined with our fresh logistics approaches. Our customers appreciate that and have been loyal to us for many years."

Jens Nöldner, Chief Executive Officer of DB Cargo BTT

Arthur Meurer – Chief Financial Officer

"Our employees are our capital. That's because, as a logistics service provider, we thrive on ideas and creative solutions. We're always on the lookout for smart, forward-looking people. We also support newcomers in apprenticeships or part-time studies, for example. These employees can later apply their new expertise across our company, and that is ultimately what makes up the spirit and cohesion at DB Cargo BTT."

Arthur Meurer, Chief Financial Officer of DB Cargo BTT
Sven Budde, Head of Product Management Chemicals & Mineral Oil

Sven Budde

Head of Product Management

Sven Budde

"Always being close to the customer and close to the product and having a good oversight of traffic conditions – that's what me and my team are all about. From pure rail transport to combined transport, we both design and manage logistics solutions and inform our customers proactively and transparently about possible disruption. We greatly value the resulting trust of our customers."

Gabriele Jansen-Krekels, Head of Mineral Oil

Gabriele Jansen-Krekels

Head of Mineral Oil

Gabriele Jansen-Krekels

"Our volatile mineral oil industry places high demands on the flexibility and reliability of its logistics service providers. We have responded to these needs and developed the DBrailpipeline product together as a team. This allows us to offer a high degree of stability and reliability for our customers. We have also developed optimal solutions for spot transports throughout the year. The positive feedback shows that we have understood and met our customers' expectations."

Anke Konrad, Head of Human Resources

Anke Konrad

Head of Human Resources

Anke Konrad

"We offer an exciting working environment in many ways. In addition to varied tasks and individual responsibility, our employees experience a culture of appreciation, mutual respect and cohesion. We also focus on talent development and family friendliness. My team and I always consider the career stage and individual needs of each employee."