We can take wagon management off your hands

Looking for a reliable partner you can trust with your fleet? DB Cargo BTT can offer you equipment tailored to your needs for transporting liquid, gas or free-flowing cargo.

To enable you to concentrate on your core business, we not only develop transport solutions, but also options for providing and managing the wagon fleet. You benefit from time and cost savings, smooth provision of wagons that are ready to roll and a motivated, committed team:

  • Recommendation and provision of mineral oil, chemicals, compressed gas and powder wagons
    - Procurement, optimization, modification and return of tank container equipment
    - Procurement and return of tank wagons
  • Monitoring of supplementary tests, regular inspections and the condition of equipment, as well as selection of suitable maintenance depots
  • Advice on technical aspects
  • Coordination of inspection and repairs
  • Specialist cleaning

Take advantage of many benefits:

  • Operational and technical expertise of DB Cargo BTT
  • Access to DB Cargo BTT's large network of leasing companies
  • Rapid turnaround cycles for periodic inspections and minimal disruption to the fleet
  • Logistics cost savings for regular inspections with clever scheduling 
  • Increase in capacity utilization, reduction in empty running and cost savings using wagon pooling and bilateral traffic

Our fleet and maintenance management increases your fleet's availability and reduces downtime. Why not let us find the optimal equipment for you, too?