The only constant is change

Global markets are shifting, orders becoming more complex and customers' wishes more specific. That is why we offer adaptable transport solutions with a focus on customized full service and simplified processes.

Globalization is bringing new countries to world markets. The Middle East and Asia in particular are seeing the rise of new global players in the chemical industry, who need solutions for their transport chains. We at DB Cargo BTT are setting out to meet these challenges and expanding our activities in up-and-coming markets. Innovative, collaborative and sustainable solutions are at the forefront of our work. Complex, inefficient relationships between customers, suppliers and logistics companies should be a thing of the past. Our aims are to create transparency, simplify orders and offer customized solutions. 

We are focusing on three areas:

Increased competition and pressure on costs along with relocation of production are making orders more complex. As an independent rail forwarder, DB Cargo BTT is therefore making greater use of international partnerships and alliances and can look after all the customer's logistics activities if requested.  

Growing competition for scarce resources is leading to increasing consolidation of activities. We rely on intermodal solutions with optimal capacity utilization.

More stringent safety regulations in hazardous goods logistics require partners who work responsibly and reliably. Greater transparency and higher standards mean you can depend on us for your highly sensitive shipments.