As Europe's leading integrated logistics services provider for chemicals and hazardous goods, we offer intelligent, industry-specific solutions and bring your goods swiftly and safely to their destination – in Germany or further afield.

The importance of the chemical industry has increased dramatically in recent years. Chemicals are needed to manufacture more than 90% of the products we use every day. At DB Cargo BTT, we are ready with our decades of experience to help you with the logistics this involves.

We are your strong, expert partner for basic and specialty chemicals.

As well as block train products, we offer special corridor solutions for time-sensitive single-wagonload transport (see also DBchem-solution) and container solutions in combined transport.

Enjoy the advantages of DB Cargo BTT:

  • Diverse fleet of different tank containers
  • On-demand transport for your products
  • High standards, e.g. in transporting polyurethanes or specialty chemicals
  • Professional transport management
  • High level of transport safety and experts specially trained in handling hazardous substances
  • Experienced emergency management team
  • Comprehensive ISOPA certification of all our service providers
  • Regular shuttle trains between major chemical production sites and European ports

We would be delighted to develop customized solutions with you for your transport needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

When a valued customer shut down production in Marl, Germany, it posed some unusual challenges for DB Cargo BTT. Our customer's clients needed supplying with substitute deliveries, meaning additional rail freight traffic was required to get the right quantities to the right places at the right time. We organized special shipments from Marl to Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Slovakia, all of which complied with the stringent legal requirements for hazardous materials. We also brought the empty wagons back to Marl.

To ensure everything ran smoothly, we continually monitored the situation and kept everyone involved up to date. Proactive customer relationship management, web conferences, a dedicated mailing list, timely coordination in normal operations and in case of escalation, and monitoring of routes using GPS meant that we were able to lay the basis for a smooth shutdown to the full satisfaction of our customer.