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Equipment – perfectly matched

We provide the right equipment to transport your sensitive products. Our experts support you with selection and handling.

The right equipment for your products

We provide you with the appropriate equipment for your sensitive products. From tank wagons to tank containers to container wagons, our equipment is perfectly matched to your requirements and ensures the safe transport of your goods. No matter what the quantity or location – our experienced team ensures wagon availability you can depend on.

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A gas wagon on the rail entering the freight yard

45-foot tank containers

Jointly with our customers, we invest in innovative solutions such as a new generation of tank containers. The 45-foot tank container is part of our innovative, rail-based intra-logistics concept. This tank container holds a significantly higher volume than a standard container and is also stackable. It can be used as an alternative to tank wagons in German and international transport operations and offers major advantages for plant logistics as well.

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Europe-wide transport monitoring using telematics and sensors

We are gearing up for the future. Together with DB Cargo and the Wagon Intelligence project (WI), we are fitting our wagons with the latest sensors and telematics. The wagon and its telematics device are connected by a specially developed app. This provides transparent information about individual transports and makes downstream logistics processes easier to manage. With WI data, we can improve the quality of consignment tracking. Analysis tools help to optimise transports.

A telematics box is attached to the wagon

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