When it comes to chemistry, we provide the elementary link

Europe is growing together. And the chemical industry is no exception. That is why our services link the chemical industry's production and processing sites not only within Germany but across borders too.

We offer you reliable journey times for your time-sensitive single-wagonload freight in the chemical and mineral oil sector, with services running on selected corridors. We have been working with businesses abroad and other European rail companies to develop an extensive network of cross-frontier traffic for all chemical goods. Our sector-specific DBchem-solution product offers you a reliable, customized transport solution that facilitates your planning.

We guarantee you the following benefits:

  • Planning certainty thanks to reliable standard journey times
  • Extra speed and special prioritization of your shipments in our network
  • International routes offered
  • Proactive customer information, especially cross-border tracking and tracing

Our industry-oriented service team look after your shipments from start to finish – including at night. Professional emergency management rounds off the service. Our skilled and experienced staff take your worries off your hands when it comes to transporting hazardous goods.

We look forward to the opportunity to develop a customized solution with you.