Hydrogen logistics

Representation of hydrogen molecules

Hydrogen logistics – a sustainable connection

Together with our partners and customers, we are committed to establishing sustainable national and Europe-wide hydrogen logistics.

Green hydrogen meets rail-based transport

Hydrogen is the energy source of the future. Green hydrogen, produced from renewable energy, is vital if we want to achieve climate targets in industry and transport. However, building or adapting pipelines to transport hydrogen is not something that can be done overnight. This means rail-based hydrogen logistics solutions will be in high demand. Green hydrogen will require a low-emission transport chain in which trains play a major role.

Green landscape with wind turbines, solar panels and a passing train

Our solution for the energy source of the future

We are positioning ourselves as a strategic partner to develop the hydrogen market together with our customers. We are already designing logistics solutions and contributing our experience in the field of dangerous goods transports and, in particular, gas transport. Among other things, we are working with our partners to develop hydrogen containers that can be easily transferred from rail to road for intermodal transport. We are already laying the groundwork for safe, standardised and scalable door-to-door transports of green hydrogen.

Illustration of transport options for hydrogen

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Portrait Bjarne Regenbrecht, Expert for Hydrogen Logistics at DB Cargo BTT

Bjarne Regenbrecht

Project Manager Hydrogen Logistics